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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Customize Your Facebook Fan Page with Static Iframe Tabs

  Today I want to talk about a quick and easy method you can use to add a little zing to your Facebook fan page. Woobox offers a Static Iframe application that allows users to add up to 10 custom tabs to their fan page. Why is this important? The Facebook fan page by default isn’t much to look at. Although most users won’t frequent a fan page like they would a website, it’s still important to have 2-3 tabs available to help create a solid first impression. Without them, the only thing potential fans will see is the amount of likes you have, and a section for photos. The goal behind the tabs is to offer something of value to your fans, and to differentiate yourself from the million other Facebook pages. Before getting started, pick 2 or 3 things you feel are most important to share with your audience. There’s no need to go overboard by creating 8 different tabs to every one of your Social Media profiles. You want it to be simple, yet effective, so only choo

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