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Friday, March 17, 2017

Rich people STAY RICH by living like they're BROKE... Broke people STAY BROKE by living like they're RICH 🤑 Rich stay broke because they have too much debt / loans that the interest does not work for them but against them, always leverage credit to work for you .. IE small example, A boat cost 2500 bucks and needs 2 k of work and it's financed at 5% and it takes a month or 2 to get ready to sell for 10k and it sells month 2 then paying a bit of interest means nothing because you still profit with the bank or someone else's money. That's how you become rich make money with others momey. BOOM. Sharing my knowledge and experience.. Poor stay broke because they buy things that their income does not even cover IE, A guy makes 1000 a month and and has a car payment at 300 and insurance 150 and needs to pay rent but buys Jordan's instead.. He's negative broke... 👇👇

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